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One of the many unrivaled advantages of leasing a West Chatham Management home is our extensive CARE PACKAGE


   Right from the beginning, each of our 6 Communities

were developed and designed with YOU, 

our resident, in mind. 


 In an effort to continuously illustrate our

dedication to our residents, West Chatham

Management provides the CARE PACKAGE outlined

below at no additional charge!

Weed Control
Pest Control
Backyard Washing
  • Quarterly Pest Control

  • Annual Pressure Washing

  • Quarterly Filter Change

  • Smoke & CO Detector Batteries

  • Electric Bill Reduction

    • Annual HVAC Cleaning & Tune-Up

  • Quarterly Preventative Maintenance

    • Appliance

    • Plumbing

    • Heating / AC

  • Lawn Care

    • Grass Cutting

    • Edging

    • Bi-Annual Pine Straw

    • Fertilizers

    • Herbicides

  • Annual Irrigation Adjustments


West Chatham Management is honored to take CARE of you AND your home!