Frequently asked questions

Animal Policy

Do you have any restrictions on dog breeds?

Yes, we do not accept the following breeds (unless official service animal documentation is provided): - Pit Bulls - Rottweilers - Chows - Dobermans - any other breed typically considered aggressive or is over the weight limit

How many animals are allowed?

2 Maximum

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, the maximum allowable weight of all animals is 65lb at full maturity.

Are there any other deposits or fees for animals?

Yes, the additional deposit/fees are listed below (except on Service Animals or Emotional Support Animals – Official documentation required): 1. To be paid in addition to your rent each month -
- $25 per Animal over 30lbs
- $15 per Animal under 29lbs 2. We also have a Non-Refundable Fee due at signing -
- $350 for 1st Animal
- $150 for 2nd Animal

Are there any other requirements needed for animals?

- We must have a photo of your animal/s
- A signed Animal Addendum
- All up to date and current shot records for each animal.

If the animal is a Service Animal or Emotional Support Animal, Official Documentation is required.


When is Rent Due?

Rent is always due on the 1st, no matter what day of the month you moved in.

What is your late fee policy?

A 10% late fee will be charged to all accounts if the rent is not received in our office by 8am on the morning of the 6th. A dispossessory will be filed with the Chatham County magistrate court on ALL accounts not paid by the 15th of each month, no exceptions. This new filing date, changed from the 3rd Monday, for all past due accounts is effective March 1, 2019. Those who move out with past due balances due to non-payment of rent, fees, early termination, or damages will be turned over to a collection agency if not paid in full 60 days after move out, unless a payment plan has been signed and approved by West Chatham Management.

What forms of rent payments do you accept?

- All payments are encouraged to be paid through the online resident portal - Checks and money orders are accepted in the office. - Residents will be locked out of their portal on the 10th of each month and will be required to pay with certified funds in the office.

Our Homes

Does WCM allow smoking inside of the homes?

No, smoking is prohibited inside all our the homes

What utilities are the residents responsible for paying?

- Water, trash, & sewage through the City of Port Wentworth - Electricity through Georgia Power - Phone & Cable are optional

How do I submit a work order for my home?

All work orders can be submitted online through the resident portal

How can I have an automatic garage door opener installed in my home?

- Some homes have automatic garage door openers; however most are manual - Automatic openers w/2 remotes can be installed for $275 - Must be paid in advanced to WVM - Installed by contractor within 2-3 business days - Equipment becomes a permanent fixture of home and must remain when home is vacated

Am I responsible for maintaining my lawn?

No, WCM provides lawn maintenance free of charge! Our contractor handles cutting the lawns, pruning the shrubbery, edging, weed eating, etc. as well as the irrigation scheduling. Lanscaping is one of the many great services the Care Package provides, all included in your rent! Click HERE to find out what else is included!
Our goal is to provide you with a well-manicured lawn without any of the hassles!
All homes are equipped with a sprinkler system to ensure the lawns remain lush and green. Residents are not allowed to tamper with or unplug the sprinkler system and will be charged a fee of $75 per occurrence. Residents may experience higher water bills during the spring and summer months.

Do I have access to my neighborhood clubhouse and amenities?

Community amenities are available to WCM residents by paying the HOA fees directly to the HOA Manager. - Rice Creek: - Lakeshore: