DIY Maintenance Tips

What if I have a clogged toilet?

- You should attempt to unclog your toilet with a plunger before calling maintenance. All residents with a basic toilet clog will be charged a standard $75 fee. - If your home is backed up (all toilets are overflowing and unusable), please call the emergency maintenance line at (912)748-2127. - If the resident is found to be at fault due to "flushable" wipes, toys, sanitary napkins, grease, etc. in the line, the resident will be charged for the full price of the repairs.

My outlets quit working – what do I do?

- GFCI outlets are used in the wet areas of the home like the kitchen, bathrooms and the exterior of the home. Sometimes these will trip if water is introduced to the outlet. - Each single family home will have a weather-proof outlet on the exterior of both the front and back patio. These are in a series and are also connected to an outlet in the garage.

How often does my AC filter need to be changed?

- WCM will change your filter for you on a quarterly basis as preventative maintenance. - You should replace your filter every 30 days in an effort to conserve electricity. - The correct filter size will be written on the side of the filter – be sure to check this to ensure proper fit before purchasing a new filter. - Townhomes and all 2- story single family homes will have 2 filters (one downstairs and one upstairs). All floor plans that are single story will only have one filter. - To prevent damage to the AC unit and to maximize air flow, do not block the return air vents located on the side of the walls of the interior of the home. - In an effort to equalize air flow, all 2 story homes should damper the air flow by closing some of the upstairs vents during the winter to push heat downstairs as heat rises. During the summer you will do the opposite…close off some of the down stairs vents to push cold air upstairs.

How often does pest control come to my home?

- Pest Control will be performed in your home on a quarterly basis. The Pest Control Technician will enter your home with the Maintenance Supervisor at the same time filters are changed. - If you have an issue with bugs at any time between the quarterly visits, you will contact our contractor, Prestige Pest Control directly to treat your home. You will schedule Jeff directly and will be responsible for payment directly to Prestige Pest Control at the time of treatment. - WCM is not responsible for the treatment of fleas during your residency with us – this is your responsibility. - It has been proven that Cinnamon Extract is effective to keep spiders, ants, snakes, and blow files away from your home. It can be found on Amazon by clicking here. - The contracted landscaper will treat your lawns for bugs, ants, etc. twice per year. However, when random ant hills pop up, this is the responsibility of the resident.

What do I do if my garbage disposal won’t work or it is making this crazy loud noise?

- There will be a standard $100 fee for all clogged garbage disposal calls. - You may want to attempt to clear the clog and reset the disposal before submitting a work request.

What do I do if my tub or sink are clogged?

- You should attempt to unclog your tub or sink with a “Zip It” to try and remove hair before calling maintenance. - To prevent this happening in the future, consider purchasing a drain protector that will catch hair etc while allowing water to drain normally - If your home is backed up (all toilets are overflowing and unusable), please call the emergency maintenance line at (912)748-2127.

What do I do if my microwave or fridge stop working?

- Firstly, make sure the appliances are not damaged in anyway. - You can then check the breaker box to see if the breaker has tripped. Attempt to reset the breaker switch - If issues continue please contact the maintenance team

What do I do if have no power in my home?

- You can then check the breaker box to see if the breaker has tripped. Attempt to reset the breaker switch - If the problem continues, contact Georgia Power to see if there are issues in the area/report your outage

What do I do if my smoke detectors are beeping for no reason?

- Most importantly, make sure there is no fire or emergency. If so, exit the property immediately and call 9-1-1 - If there is no cause, wait for the detector to stop beeping, hold the reset button to clear the memory and replace the battery

What do I do if I have a serious leak?

- If you live in one of our homes with a garage, attempt to turn the water shut off value which is either to the lower left or lower right of the garage door. - If you live in one our our townhomes, please call our emergency maintenance number (912)748-2127 as the shut off is outside and requires a key - If you are having any leaks from you kitchen or bathroom faucet, attempt to turn the valves for hot and cold off that are located under the sink. - If your toilet it leaking, please attempt to turn off the water supply at the valve located on the wall behind the toilet.

General Tips, Reminders and Things To Watch Out For

- Over time consistent use of pods in your dishwasher can result in a build up causing issues. Try and make sure to periodically check the inside of your dishwasher and remove any left overs! - Similarly using tabs that don’t fully dissolve in your toilet can cause issues in the pipes. - On move in you should be shown where the secondary dryer vent is in your laundry room. If not please seek advice on its location. This should be cleaned out regularly as this can become a fire hazard. We advise you to clean our both vents at the same time - If you begin to notice an unpleasant odor coming from your garbage disposal, try putting some ice cubes and lemon peels or bleach and hot water into it and running it - If you begin to notice an unpleasant odor coming from your dishwasher, run it without any dishes. If this doesn’t solve the problem, run it without any dishes but add some bleach to help kill any bacteria inside